About our Company

BAGMAN MACHINERY PVT LTD.  was established in the year 2019 having its plant at Bangalore India with the vision to provide the support & solutions to FIBC & small bag Industries as they were facing issue with service support and new development in the application and catering advanced technology.

Since then the journey has involved continuous research & development, innovation & precision, adaptation of emerging advanced technologies. We offer wide range of products that include



1) Fully Automatic FIBC cutting machine with automatic spout adjustment. We are first in the market introducing automatic spout adjustment according to your cut length.

Mechanical Conversion Flexibility: We have provided all the cutouts and holes in our machines to insert any type of cutting system.(HOT, Cold or Ultrasonic cutting type). So We can convert our machines of one type cutting to other type of cutting in one day in customer place only. No need to send Vendors shop floor.

Automatic speed synchronization between feeder servo and unwinder motor, so that no need to change the unwinder VFD speed every time even at higher size cut-length up to 30 meter. The speed of servo and unwinder will automatically adjust for best matching maximum speed.

2) Web Belt Cutting Machine with multimarking (min.5mm mark from Cutter) with detachable type automatic loop wider. We are first in the market introducing Automatic Loop winder for web belt. (Click the link to know about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckWi-rOxPzo )

3) Bag cleaning Machine for jumbo bags.

4) Bale press machines upto  from 60 to 200 tons

We are supplying the machinery for many sectors like FIBC, Small bags and Glass wool Fibric etc.

Quality is an all-pervasive commitment for us & we transform this to seamless service to our customers. Quality has been the aim of our production policy, our undeniable quality in the products, precise & informative documentation, customer centricity & satisfactory customer service has gained the trust of huge customers.

We ensure the deliveries on time, on budget & meet the best service levels. We believe/follow the process which directly impacts the customer benefits by improving time-to-market, enhancing the reliability and cutting the cost.

We at BAGMAN deliver the high Fidelity Service & Solutions.